Our Distinctives

Our Distinctives

L3 Training Solutions believes that accomplishing goals for growth and profit are, and will continue to be, by-products of our adherence to these core distinctives:

  • Ethically Distinctive

    L3 Training Solutions consistently applies a strict code of morals and ethics to business. Demonstrating honesty in all dealings, the company seeks to remain "above reproach" in every aspect of the operation.
  • Employee-Oriented

    The essence of L3 Training Solutions is the employees. Ingenuity, imagination, and creative problem solving are core ingredients that symbolize the staff. L3 Training Solutions encourages input and fosters growth at every level of the organization.
  • Client-Driven

    Since the company's inception in 1986, growth and profit have never been primary goals. Rather, satisfying the customer's requirements has been at the forefront of every production effort.
  • Product-Focused

    With more than 700 projects complete, L3 Training Solutions has never had a product rejected by the customer and continues to invest heavily in quality management, quality training, and efficient management.
  • Price Competitive

    A best value marketplace requires strict cost control measures without the sacrifice of production. L3 Training Solutions has developed a streamlined management structure that minimizes overhead expenses while maximizing development.
  • Community Contributors

    L3 Training Solutions has historically invested heavily in local, national and worldwide charitable causes. Numerous awards have been granted L3 Training Solutions for our contributions to community and education programs, but the greatest reward is found in the current and future impact of each donation of our time, finances and other resources.