Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Training Simulator

SNOZZLE(tm) trainer. Serious training for the real world.

Crash Rescue Equipment Service, Inc. in Dallas, Texas deploys the Snozzle simulator at both commercial and military airfields. It is a first-person simulator for training firefighters to extinguish aircraft fires on grounded planes.

The Snozzle is a truck-mounted boom equipped with a piercing element. The operator deploys the piercing element into the plane fuselage or engine cavity getting fire-fighting agent directly where it is needed. The simulator provides three levels of training: voice proctored tutorial-based used for equipment familiarization, voice proctored fire-fighting, and independent fire-fighting.

Goals of the trainer include equipment familiarization, skills training, and skills retention. The Snozzle simulator scores the firefighter's training during each training mission. Training on the system will reduce wear and tear on equipment, improve operator proficiency and reduce application time. Included features are listed below:

  • Special effects for fire and smoke
  • Collision detection
  • Voice proctored tutorial and Snozzle training
  • Basic, intermediate, and advance levels of training

When an emergency happens, you want the operation of the equipment to be second nature. The Snozzle simulator makes this possible. The simulator advantage allows each personnel shift-change to hone skills any time of the day, regardless of weather conditions, before going on duty with the equipment. It provides a realistic, but inexpensive and safe environment for firefighters to perform boom manipulations, piercing operations, and other emergency responses before being exposed to the real thing.

–Grady North, Crash Rescue Equipment Service, Inc.

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