Elephant Beta Aircraft De-Icing Training Simulator

Elephant Beta Trainer Photo

The interactive Elephant Beta Training Simulator emulates the function and feel of the Vestergaard Elephant Beta.

It is as suitable for skill training as it is for assessment and retention. The Trainer is effective, affordable, flexible, and offers a variety of year-round training opportunities.

Multi-Monitor Setup

What can a deicer do with our trainer?

  • Practice with no risk of damage to equipment and aircraft.
  • Practice distributing fluids in a controlled, efficient, cost-effective way without the use of the actual truck; save maintenance and deicing fluid expenditures.
  • Network! Train alongside multiple teammates. Practice complex, multi-operator maneuvers. Learn to avoid contact with aircraft and other deicers. Practice coordinating a two-man operation with headsets and simulated radio.

Multi-Monitor Setup

What does it offer those who train/manage de-icing operators?

  • By using the actual controls from the Elephant Beta truck, operators become familiar with it before ever stepping inside the real thing.
  • Turn 'down time' into training time, any time of year.
  • Varying difficulty levels pose challenges to novices and experts alike.
  • Don't wait for an aircraft to become available. Choose from a wide selection with a mere click.
  • Create custom training scenarios.

Multi-Monitor Setup

Flexible options. Well developed controls.

We can build a simulator to suit your needs and resources. Our basic simulator starts with software and a control unit (the joystick and pedal set that come right from the Vestergaard Beta).

  • Use your own PC or let us supply one.
  • A common flat-screen monitor works well with this system, but many options are available.
  • Use your own desk, or let us build you a custom desk.
  • Customize your simulator with your company logo on all trucks!

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