Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Training

L3 Training Solutions strives to stay ahead of the game when it comes to training solutions for the aviation industry. Which is why it comes as no surprise that we offer training and simulation solutions for every niche of the aviation operations, including aircraft maintenance, ramp operations, and ground support equipment. Our systems fully replicate the experience of using the most popular and sophisticated ramp operations vehicles. Using the actual equipment from these machines, we're able to create a no-risk, virtual 3D environment, allowing you to dramatically increase the efficiency of your training programs. Trainees gain valuable, hands-on experience while familiarizing themselves with critical controls before ever stepping inside a vehicle.

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Aircraft Pushback & Tow Training Simulators

Learn how to easily train operators of pushback tugs, both conventional and towbarless, to safely move departing aircraft away from the gate or ramp area.

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Ask about adapting our simulation tools to be customized for your entire fleet of ground support equipment including:


Refueling Trucks

Training for refueling vehicles and equipment operation of self-contained fuel trucks, hydrant trucks and/or carts.


Tugs and Tractors

Train personnel on essential GSE vehicles including baggage carts, air-stairs, boarding ramps, mobile air conditioning units and other equipment.


Ground Power Units & Air Starters

Easily train ramp agents on the application and removal operations and safety steps involved in supplying power to parked aircraft.


Passenger Trams & Movers

Train operators of airport people movers and passenger buses to safely move people between terminals or aircraft.


Cargo Loaders

Train ramp operators on the proper operation and loading/unloading of heavy cargo including lifting systems, platform maneuvering and electro-hydraulic controls.


Ground Handling Familiarization & Safety

Effectively train ground support personnel and ramp personnel crew on aircraft ground handling procedures and safety policies for aircraft departing and arriving.