Driver Training Services

Driver Training Services

Targeted training for the risks your drivers really run.

Our three pronged approach includes instructor-led, computer based and simulator training. These integrated methodologies are customized to meet your training requirements. Put drivers through a sweeping range of environments, weather conditions and road hazards, all in the safety of the TranSim VS from L3 Training Solutions: the most realistic simulated driving experience available, with the most advanced training in the industry. With L3 Training Solutions's mobile training, our classrooms and trainers come to you.


Research Proves: Better Trained Drivers Drive Down Costs

Interior of Mobile Driving Simulator Demo Trailer

Studies by the Universities of Utah, Iowa and Arizona (in conjunction with the Utah DOT, Iowa DOT and Arizona DOT) show that drivers who receive L3 Training Solutions simulator training have:

  • Reduced accidents
  • Reduced accident cost
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Reduced training time, less need for on-the-road instruction.

Customers report accident frequency and severity has decreased by as much as 20% or more. They achieved these improvements, regardless of their years of experience. It also enabled them to select better recruits.

Training Options & Challenges

  • Backing procedures
  • Intersection analysis situations
  • Urban driving situations
  • Steering exercise
  • Day and night conditions
  • Test track environment for vehicle handling around turns, higher speeds
  • Dirt road – up and down grade handling
  • Off road surfaces – varying terrain types
  • Option: Customized local scenarios (fee-based)
  • L3 Training Solutions Instructors guide the process with tightly synchronized replay views, including 2D and 3D, to provide immediate and detailed performance feedback.

Additional Information

As an industry leader in simulation training, L3 Training Solutions has successfully:

  • Trained over 15,000 professional drivers, achieving a demonstrated reduction in accidents.
  • Trained 2,200 personnel for the US Army.
  • Trained 8,000 drivers for United Rentals.
  • Trained employees of more than eight state transportation departments, plus other state and local agencies.

Proven curriculum for your industry including:

  • Circles of influence
  • Space, speed and fuel management
  • Adverse conditions
  • Emergency maneuvers
  • Shifting techniques

Implement a comprehensive training solution at your facility with:

  • Interactive Multimedia Instruction
  • Electronic Classrooms
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Simulation Training
  • Documentation and analysis

Overall, the implementation of simulation-based training has saved Schneider National millions of dollars.

–Don Osterberg, Vice President of Safety, Schneider National

83% improvement in preventable accidents after simulator training — these results speakfor themselves.

–Don Streuber, President and CEO, Bison Transport

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