FireSimâ„¢ Fire Truck Driving Simulator

The FireSim™ Fire Truck Driving Simulator provides high fidelity real-world driving environments to train decision-making and behavior over a wide range of situations facing your emergency vehicle operators every day.


Benefits of Simulation-Based Training

  • Accident Reduction: Simulation training reinforces positive decision making through training in realistic, risk-free situations.
  • Reinforce Driving Skills: This will translate into reduced accidents, better decision making and reinforcement of policy and procedure.
  • After Action Reviews: Each scenario is individually recorded with the ability to analyze, reconstruct and implement proper responses and techniques. The Replay Studio™ camera is positioned above the drive and records every action, reaction, and nuance of a driver’s physical performance while training on the simulator.
  • Reduced Equipment Maintenance: Minimize damage to equipment by repeated practice on the simulator.

FireSim Benefits

  • User can choose between various fire truck apparatus, first responder or EMT vehicles with optional interchangeable driving station for E350 ambulance.
  • Create and train in various medical, fire, or hazmat response scenarios.
  • Realistic graphics to teach scene size-up and staging of apparatus.
  • Practice collision-avoidance techniques while driving to the scene of a fire.
  • Train drivers to anticipate hazards with emergency response techniques for all types of driving situations
  • Allows fire departments to screen and qualify potential hires and improve new-hire and career-employee driving skills
  • Combine classroom instruction, computer-based training and interactive simulation with coaching by skilled industry professionals
  • Reduces training time; industry experts concur one hour of simulation training is the equivalent of up to four hours of “behind-the-wheel” instruction
  • Prepares your drivers, through specific scenarios, to handle extreme situations without risk to personnel or property

Key Features

  • Immersive, three-channel LCD display creates driving environment that combines look and feel of a real vehicle.
  • Allows practice of critical decision-making skills in a risk-free environment.
  • State-of-the-art software delivershigh definition visuals and crisp images to immerse student in learning objectives.
  • Force-loaded, SMART NODE II steering system provides real-time feedback to augment muscle memory in situations such as a tire blowout or sloshing loads.

Additional Features and Options

  • Realistic driving environments train drivers how to recognize and anticipate hazardous driving situations
  • Multiple display and field-of-view arrangements are available (180° standard) with full HD resolution (1920x1080) and refresh rates.
  • High refresh and update rates provide smooth image flow during any drive at common speeds, creating a comfortable training environment.
  • Glass dash in the simulator adds greater flexibility in replicating various types of vehicle gauges.
  • The Glass Console allows the instructor control of the simulator via touch screen at the Operators Console (OpCon) and gives operators simple and quick control to change vehicle type.
  • Fire truck cab training environment; seat, steering wheel, brake, clutch and accelerator pedals, enhancing retention and application to the road.
  • Ask us about our comprehensive driver training solutions that offer a blended approach to training that combine instructor led, computer-based and simulation-based training to create an immersive training environment that engages the student to learn skills faster and retain them for longer periods of time.

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