PatrolSimâ„¢ Police Car Driving Simulator

PatrolSim IV Photo

Using the latest in digital simulation technology, the PatrolSim™ can create life-like training scenarios of virtually any kind to improve driving behavior and judgemental skills.

The Sim Commander allows the driver to navigate through the training program via touch screen, freeing up the resources of the trainer. Wireless remote control combines the most commonly used features of the OpCon / (IOS) and SimCommander all in the palm of the instructors hand.

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NEW! Wireless Tablet OpCon provides mobility to the trainer while monitoring multiple officers. OpCon/Instructor Operating Station (IOS) allows the instructor to track, record and playback the movements of multiple networked simulators... perfect for coordinated pursuits!

Police car driving simulator benefits:

  • Practice high risk skills in virtual environment.
  • Improve officer reaction / response time with our skill track training course.
  • Coordinated response training.
  • Control & drive any scenario vehicle to customize the training experience.
  • Comprehensive training with hundred’s of POST Certified Scenarios consisting of   traffic stops, pursuits, multiple vehicles, emergency responses, etc.
  • Practice critical decision making skills in a risk-free environment.
  • NEW! drag and drop Scenario Builder software makes creating customized training scenarios a breeze

Additional Features include:

  • High resolution graphics on plasma displays provides unmatched realism.
  • Coordinated pursuit training scenarios via multiple networked simulators.
  • Officers can practice vehicle handling skills including pit maneuvers, J-turns and skid   pad training course.
  • Act as the dispatcher.
  • Control the training environment by changing the weather, the time of day and   vehicle characteristics.
  • Compatible with intersection analysis & scoring tools.
  • Compatible with use of force simulators.
  • NEW Scenario Builder Software - Drag & drop, easy to use scenario editor
  • Tested & Certified to Applicable Safety & Emissions Standards (CSA US, CE & FCC).
  • Mobile training trailer options available for purchase or lease.

Simulator Specifications

  • Height: 83 inches (2.11 meters)
  • Width: 119 inches (2.94 meters)
  • Depth: 63 inches (1.7 meters)
  • Weight: 1200 pounds (544 Kg)
  • Simulator Power Requirements: 60Hz, 20-amp, 115vac
  • OpCon Power Requirements: 60Hz, 15-amp, 115vac
  • Minimum Room Size; 10 feet by 10 feet by 8 feet high
  • Cooling BTU per hour: 12,000