Logistics & Transportation Training Applications

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Mark III™ Motion-Based Truck Driving Simulator

The Mark III™ Motion-Based Driving Simulator combines a fully operational truck cab with the latest digital simulation technology to create life-like training scenarios that improve driving behavior and skill.  The Mark III™ uses high resolution projection imaging on three screens to create a 180-degree to 360-degree field of vision.

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TranSimVS™ Truck Driving Simulator

Learn how the TranSimVS™ can reduce accidents by reinforcing positive decision making through training in realistic, risk-free scenarios. Your organization could potentially save up to 15% fuel through progressive shifting and fuel management training. Help your organization to minimize damage to company-owned equipment by using simulators to train new drivers. 

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Discover driver training applications that are versatile and easily customized, maintained and upgraded to meet your organization's training requirements.

Motion-Based truck driving simulator actuator hardware components

The hardware and software technology that drives L-3 DPA's simulator training systems are among the most sophisticated offered commercially and are based on patent-pending and highly-advanced human-factors-based technology.

Closeup of driving simulator touchscreen displays showing customized dashboard configuration

The immersive simulation experience includes visual, motion, vibration, sound, full standard instrumentation and actual vehicle cabs. Training scenarios are fully programmable and include weather conditions, 3D road surface and payload and traffic features.

Typical Driving Simulator Setup with Operator Console (OpCon)

Our driving simulators include state-of-art visual systems, realistic cabs and vehicle instrumentation, motion-based system provide real road feel and response, icon-based trainer consoles, high fidelity tire force modeling and accurately simulated transmissions.