Mark III™ Motion-Based Truck Driving Simulator

Mark III Truck Driving Simulator

The Mark III™ Motion-Based Truck Driving Simulator combines a fully operational truck cab with the latest digital simulation technology to create life-like training scenarios that improve driving behavior and skill.

The Mark III™ Truck Driving Simulator uses high resolution projection imaging on three screens to create a 180° field of vision that is expandable to 360°.  Two LCD side mirrors simulate the rear view from the truck cab.  Users can select from a variety of visual environments, training scenarios and special effects including extreme weather conditions.  Audio and vibration systems add accurate driving noise and feel.  Users can choose from more than 140 transmissions, 240 engines and 33 axle ratios.   Closed-circuit television allows observers to watch the driver from the operator console.

Easily combine simulation, Computer-Based Training and classroom instruction into a cost-effective, realistic training platform in a risk-free environment.

Mark III Cabin View

The Mark III cabin is built to exact standards and dimensions of a real cabin environment.

Mark III rearview mirror screen gives added realism

Two simulated rearview mirrors add to
the realism of the MarkIII simulator.

Truck driving simulator benefits:

  • Five-channel immersive driving environment.
  • 1024x768 resolution.
  • Three screen 180° display expandable to 360°
  • Two simulated rear-view mirrors.
  • Adjustable properties such as vehicle and load weight.
  • Visual databases available: urban, highway, rural, suburban, freeway and off-road.
  • Multiple interactive driving scenarios.
  • Special effects: day/night/dusk and adverse weather (e.g., fog, rain, snow)
  • Artificial intelligence scenario vehicles.
  • 1024x768 High-resolution projectors provide six-screen imaging.
  • Audio and vibration system for accurate driving noises.
  • Fully operation dash, instrument panel and controls.
  • Windows™ based operating systems.
  • Closed-circuit TV for observation of driver

Simulator Specifications:

  • Height: 180 inches (4.57 meters)
  • Width: 240 inches (6.40 meters)
  • Depth: 288 inches (7.32 meters)
  • Weight: 4200 pounds (1906Kg) - approx.
  • Power Requirements: 90-amp, 220 VAC
  • Minimum Room Size: 30 feet by 30 feet by 16 feet high
  • Cooling BTU per hour: 20,000

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