TranSimVS™ Truck Driving Simulator

TranSim Driving Simulator Photo

Benefits of training drivers with the TranSimVS™ Truck Driving Simulator

Accident Reduction: Simulation training reinforces positive decision making through training in realistic, risk-free situation

Fuel Management: Potentially realize up to 15% fuel saving through progressive shifting and fuel management training on the TranSim VS IV.

Reduced Equipment Maintenance: Minimize damage to company owned equipment.

Additional Benefits includes: A three-channel plasma screen immersive driving environment combines look and feel of a real vehicle. State-of-the-art software delivers sharp visuals and crisp images to enhance learning objectives. Force-loaded steering provides real-time feedback to augment muscle memory in situations such as tire blowout or sloshing-loads. Users can choose from more than 140 transmissions, 240 engines and 33 axle ratios.


Supporting Technology of TranSimVS™ Truck Driving Simulator

  • 140 transmission (manual/automatic), 240 engines, 300 tire sizes and 33 axles ratios to match specific configurations and heighten training objectives
  • Fuel management/progress shifting instruction and frequent performance evaluation fosters optimal fuel efficiency in each driver trained
  • Multi-geared transmission provides economical shifting instruction that reduces equipment wear and tear
  • Realistic driving environments train drivers how to recognize and anticipate hazardous driving situation (180° view, using 3-channels, with 1024 x 768 image resolution)
  • High refresh & update rates provide smooth image flow during any drive, at common speeds, creating comfortable training environments
  • Glass dash adds greater flexibility in replicating various types of vehicle gauges
  • SimCommander provides a user-friendly environment, via a touch screen, from which the instructor controls the training process.
  • Truck like training environment; seat, steering wheel, brake, clutch and accelerator pedals, enhancing retention and applications to the road


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