• Training tools to empower your mariners to be safe and efficient.

    L3 offers a suite of maritime training solutions, including instructional curriculum and training simulator products for engine room operation, liquid cargo handling operations, bridge shiphandling, and other maritime related applications. Discover how you can lower operating costs, improve your fleet's safety record and optimize workforce efficiency.

    Cargo Handling Ship and Anchor Tug Photo
  • Engine Room Operations Training
  • Anchor-Handling Tug
Interested in learning more? Browse real-world industry applications below to learn more about how maritime training & simulation systems can be custom-tailored for your organization's fleet:

Zoom ImageEngine Room Simulation

Engine Room Training

Train your workforce on slow and medium speed diesel engines, steam propulsion, and advanced electrical power generation systems. Enable your marine engineers to rehearse normal operating procedures in a highly realistic manner and experience situations that would be too dangerous to replicate in the real world.

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Zoom ImageAnchor-Tug Handling Simulation

Anchor-Handling Tug Training

Ideal for offshore-related operations, L3 Training Solutions training solutions simulate typical ship and rig operations and include ship modeling, seakeeping, heavy external-force modules, catenary systems, 3D modeling, dynamic-positioning systems, and visualization technologies.

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Zoom ImageLiquid Cargo Handling Simulator

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

Offering the best training solutions available to the liquid cargo handling industry, both ashore and afloat, engaged in the handling of bulk liquids including Chemicals, Oils and Liquefied Gases (Chemical Gases, LPG & LNG).

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