Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator Training

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator Training

L3 Training Solutions's liquid cargo handling simulator (LCHS) is the best training solution available to the liquid cargo handling industry, both ashore and afloat, engaged in the handling of bulk liquids including Chemicals, Oils and Liquefied Gases (Chemical Gases, LPG & LNG). We offer a range of simulators with a comprehensive set of options that let you create a training tool tailored to your specific requirements with the flexibility to accommodate any future changes to your needs.

Developed originally with the Warsash Maritime Academy in the U.K., the original design and extensive developments since, reflect both the experience and requirement of professional instructors and our undertaking to provide clients with the most comprehensive and effective training solution available within its field. The LCHS is simple to operate, adaptable to a wide range of operations, and highly cost-effective. It can be used to provide cargo operatives realistic training, from introductory schooling through to highly detailed problem solving exercises, systems design and operation research.

Using our ‘WISE Intelligent Systems Technology’ the simulator can be further enhanced to provide the capability of enabling students to undertake training on a real time simulator without the need for an instructor to be present (WISE Cargo) and the new and unique student assessment package (WISE Assessment) can both ease the assessment task for instructors and provide all the required evidence to support assessments made using the simulator.

The LCHS model library is the largest available and includes every aspect of handling liquid bulk cargoes both ashore and afloat.



The LCHS fully meets the requirements of, and allows training to be conducted in, accordance with STCW 2012 sections A-II/1, A-II/2, A-II/3, A-III/1, A-III/2, A-V/1 and B-I/12 and is approved as ‘Class A’ by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) in accordance with their 2011 Standard for Certification of Maritime Simulators, Section 6. The LCHS also meets the requirements of:

  • SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operations) LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Shipping Suggested Competency Standards
  • INTERTANKO (International Association of Independent Tanker Owners) Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS)
  • DNV SeaSkill™ standards for cargo operatives

WISE Intelligent Systems Technology

L3 Training Solutions’s unique WISE Technology enables you to use our LCHS to conduct training on a sophisticated real-time simulator without the need for an instructor to be present, either for your own education and training, or in situations where the use of large classroom based simulators are impractical, such as for on board training or small training establishments. WISE also provides the foundation for the Automatic Competence Assessment system that has been designed to allow you to assess the abilities of multiple students to undertake complex tasks at the same time, in a uniform, non subjective way, while minimizing the instructor workload and providing the supporting evidence required.

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