Port Security Systems

Port Security Systems

L3 Training Solutions has assembled a dynamic Port Security team for you to help development a full-range of solutions for the deployment and implementation of a Port Security System. The Port Security team is setup to take maximum advantage of our outstanding program management processes and security systems. Your Port Security team is ready to assist your port in meeting and overcoming the challenges associated with integrating both existing and new subsystems into a comprehensive maritime domain awareness system. We are equally qualified in all areas of design, supply, installation, and integration of new technologies and systems with existing systems.

Need security? Learn how we implement best-of-breed technologies to provide a comprehensive, cost effective port security solution.

Your Security Team

The L3 Training Solutions team is an outstanding choice as the lead systems integrator and maritime security technologists to support the deployment and implementation of port security solutions.

  • We possess the corporate and technical capability to provide the best value.
  • We have the right people with the relevant experience.
  • Our methodology is sound, responsive to the customer, and proven.
  • We have depth and breadth to bring forth the best technology solutions.

How It Benefits You

Our team’s exemplary record combined with our depth of understanding of port and maritime security projects, and history of relevant, successful past performance, are key discriminators.

  • They distinguish the L3 Training Solutions team as uniquely qualified to meet the challenges associated with providing comprehensive security solutions in the high-tempo port environment.
  • We employ experienced personnel that are both professionally qualified and imbued in real world experience.
  • We bring the best-of-breed technologies to lessen false alarms, increase situational awareness, and make maximum use of limited human resources to monitor and respond to incidents.
  • Our team is responsive to the programmatic and operational needs of the port.
  • Our people come from a variety of backgrounds, with many having served in the security and defense arena in the U.S. Armed Forces and government service.
  • We combine the discipline gained from years of government service with innovation and subject matter expertise from work in the private sector, to craft the best solutions.

Approach to Security

L3 Training Solutions has developed an engineering methodology for ensuring that the products and services delivered meet customer requirements, are designed and built to specification with the necessary quality controls, and over the lifecycle of the project to ensure long-term viability. Our methodology includes the development of a concept of operations (CONOPS) which describes the conditions, processes and procedures under which the security system will operate. To ensure that fielded products meet customer requirements, our methodology includes reliance on an integrated process team (IPT) process that includes stakeholders during all phases within the project’s lifecycle. It also includes incorporating training, leader development, education, doctrine, policies, and standard operating procedures into security solutions. This methodology has been demonstrated in several key programs including:

  • Port of Galveston, Texas - lead system integrator for site assessment, system engineering/design and implementation of an overall maritime domain awareness system that includes arrays of both marine and terrestrial surveillance sensors that can detect, identify, and track commercial and recreational vessels; private and commercial vehicles; cargo and pedestrians at various terminals throughout the port.
  • Port of Lake Charles, Louisiana - system integrator for the design, implementation, and integration of small vessel detection radars, AIS, video surveillance, command and control software and web-based situational displays.
  • Port Bolivar, Colombia - provided an assessment/evaluation of the operational and international ship and port facility security (ISPS) certification impact of drug contaminated outbound vessels.
  • Port of Sokhna, Egypt - lead system integrator for designing, evaluating, and producing a port security, training and environmental enhancement program.
  • State of South Carolina – conducted all hazards risk assessment and produced a statewide critical infrastructure and key resource protection plan.
  • South Carolina Law Enforcement Division – designed and staffed the information and intelligence center (SCIIC).
  • National Exercise Program - provided subject matter experts that assisted in the development and conduct of TOPOFF 2009 and numerous other NEP exercises.

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