SafeCargo Multistation Simulators

SafeCargo Multistation Simulators

SafeCargo is a multi-station simulator that lets you train any number of students using individual stations, which can be easily be configured as individual facilities or in groups.  Student stations are controlled and monitored by an instructor at the instructor station.  SafeCargo can be configured to include as many student stations as required to suit your requirements.

SafeCargo uses off-the-shelf PCs running any standard Microsoft Windows operating systems. No special hardware or components are required, so installation time and costs are minimized, whilst the simulator imposes minimal changes on the operating system and resources when in operation.


  • SafeCargo is modular in design allowing you to select as many different and specific ships, plants, and storage facility models as you need to meet your training requirements. Additional models can be added or changed at a later date without the need to change the hardware or control software, with the addition of a new model being achieved within a matter of minutes.
  • SafeCargo features a GUI (graphical user interface) that replicates the controls found on real vessels. Only the mouse is required to operate all the models, so learning to use SafeCargo is quick and easy.
  • SafeCargo is configurable, so you can train individuals, multiple small groups, or single large groups, as and when required. You can also configure SafeCargo for direct ship-to-ship or ship-to-terminal scenarios. This flexibility lets you easily adapt SafeCargo to your requirements and your training objectives.
  • SafeCargo lets you design, control, and review every exercise and adapt each exercise to suit the different ability levels of each student, even while training is in progress.
  • SafeCargo simulates all of the thermodynamic and fluid properties of the liquids and gases to be handled, along with the process-control systems involved in the storage and handling of potentially hazardous and nonhazardous bulk liquids, all in real time.
  • SafeCargo ship models include the fully class-approved trim and stability module ‘CargoMax’, which is used by many leading ship operators.
  • Can be supplied in "consoles" to enable the complete control room environment to be created if required

Key Shipboard Operations

Recognised as using the most detailed models available, SafeCargo can fully simulate all shipboard and terminal liquid cargo operations and activities without any limitations being imposed. Some key shipboard operations include:

  • Cargo planning (including cargo compatibility)
  • Tank cleaning and preparation
  • Inerting (use of IG and N2 generators / supplies)
  • Gassing up and cooling down  (LPG & LNG Carriers)
  • Loading and Discharging
  • Ballast operations
  • Refrigeration systems (LPG & LNG Carriers)
  • Supply of fuel gas to the engine room (LNG Carriers)
  • Ship to shore and ship to ship
  • Emergency situations


SafeCargo is the only liquid cargo simulator available with models that cover every aspect of the handling of bulk liquids both ashore and afloat. All models are based on real facilities and vessels. Standard models include:

  • Chemical Tanker
  • 29,000dwt Crude Oil / Products / Chemical Parcel tanker
  • 165,000dwt Double-hull Crude Oil / Products Tanker
  • LNG Carrier with membrane (GTTIII or NO96) containment
  • LNG Carrier with spherical containment
  • QFlex LNG Carrier with refrigeration system (new)
  • Fully refrigerated LPG Carrier
  • Ethylene Carrier (avail Q2 2012)
  • 275,000dwt Single-hull Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC)
  • Engine room waste oil management system
  • Crude oil or products terminal, including Cool Sorption vapor recovery units
  • LPG terminal, including refrigerated and pressurized storage
  • Floating Production, Storage and Off-loading facility (FPSO)

Every model is designed to operate in a multi-station environment so they can all be networked to simulate direct ship-to-ship or ship-to-terminal operations.

L3 Training Solutions can also develop custom models at your request to suit specific installations both ashore and afloat. Once we have the necessary information, we can develop a new model, a ship, for example, in approximately six months.


L3 Training Solutions offers other options that can enhance the productivity of your SafeCargo simulator. These include:

  • Student-station monitoring, which allows an instructor to remotely view and interact with a student’s activities on any station
  • Instructor-student communications system, which allows the simulation of the  normal communications required during cargo operations
  • WISE monitoring and feedback system, which enables students to undertake self study
  • WISE Assessment System, which gives the instructor tools needed to assess a student’s competence in their ability to undertake single or multiple tasks
  • System overview displays using large LCD/Plasma panels



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