WISE Technology and Assessment Systems

WISE Technology and Assessment Systems


L3 Training Solutions originally developed WISE Technology to provide student monitoring and feedback for the LCHS. We then extended the technology to provide the basis for the Automatic Competence Assessment System and the capability to provide similar capabilities with any realtime simulation or control system, allowing WISE Technology software to be purchased by third parties for inclusion in their own systems if required.

WISE Technology is based on a specialized expert system [a form of artificial intelligence] that monitors the activity of the student or operator and the system they are operating. The knowledge database that the expert system uses comprises a large collection of rules entered by subject-matter experts and that are then combined to define specific patterns of activity or results. The data gathered while the operation or exercise is in progress can then be used to provide the following kinds of information and activities, depending on the mode of operation:

  • Feedback directly to the operator
  • Highlighting errors or inappropriate actions
  • Advice regarding activities that have been or should be undertaken
  • Highlighting of likely consequences of actions implemented when results fall outside the expected norms
  • Access to support material that allows the operator to identify the cause of errors or reason why feedback has been displayed and then rectify the situation accordingly
  • Assessment of the student's performance throughout an exercise

Benefits & Additional Features

In addition, when used with SafeCargo or in a networked environment, further information can be supplied to the instructor including:

  • Full details of activity by individual students or groups
  • Summary of key activity by individual students or groups
  • Automatic evaluation of the performance or competence of the student or group’s performance with results provided in a detailed feedback format

L3 Training Solutions developed the WISE Technology to enable the detailed monitoring of activity in a real time simulator or real environment.  The benefits provided when compared to traditional monitoring systems include:

  • Allows direct input of rules by subject-matter expert
  • Knowledge database can be created more rapidly and minimizes the number of errors because no intermediary (software programmer) is required
  • The number of rules required to produce the same level of detail in the knowledge database are significantly reduced
  • Uses precompiled rules that define the structure of the system being monitored; the rules don’t have to be included in the knowledge database, so inference requirements are reduced and the speed of evaluation is increased
  • Allows very complex rules to be set up to monitor complex situations and predict the subsequent outcomes

Monitoring & Feedback System

WISE technology monitors student activities using the simulator or control system and provides feedback just as an instructor or supervisor would. The main advantages are:

  • Allows high-level simulator training when suitable instructors aren’t available
  • Allows students to learn by doing and to learn at their own pace with the reassurance that a virtual instructor will guide them
  • Provides a full report on student activity for later examination by an instructor
  • Includes detailed basic level course material for each vessel type including a: cargo operations manual, guidance on how tasks should be conducted and a detailed reference library providing all required underpinning knowledge to allow student to learn and progress.

Automatic Competence Assessment System

The Automatic Competence Assessment System uses the information collected by the WISE Monitoring System to provide an immediate assessment of the competence of the student in undertaking a particular or group of tasks. The main advantages of the Automatic Competence Assessment System are:

  • Has a simple interface so the instructor can easily input assessment criteria
  • Assigns scores automatically, minimizing the level of effort required by the instructor to define an assessment and removing the subjectivity of individual instructors
  • Provides a graphical representation of how the operator is performing throughout the task so that the Instructor can identify both which activities are causing the student problems and which specific assessment criteria those activities are related to at any point during the scenario
  • Provides results of the assessment in real time throughout an exercise in a graphical display, a log, and by indicators
  • Allows assessments to be conducted on multiple areas of knowledge within an operation at the same time and provides overall assessments combining the results of all the underlying tasks into one aggregate score
  • Produces a detailed assessment report for each student that can be retained for review at a later date
  • Takes into full account the student’s efforts in trying to reach a successful outcome—an error early in a task, for example, is mitigated by subsequent steps that correct the error
  • Pre-configured assessment databases for common industry training standards (SIGTTO, INTERTANKO) are available "off-the-shelf" allowing verified assessments to be conducted immediately after the software is installed, removing the need for extensive development effort by the instructor



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