WISE Cargo Single-Station Simulators

WISE Cargo Single-Station Simulators

L3 Training Solutions's WISE Cargo combines a non-networked version of the SafeCargo software used in multi-station systems with the WISE Monitoring and Feedback system and guided-learning course material.  WISE Cargo was designed to allow students to undertake training using the capabilities of a real time simulator but without an instructor needing to be present and hence train themselves,  and is therefore ideal for use as part of on-board or out-of-hours training programs, or  to allow new instructors to become familiar with the operation of the simulator and the specific models.

L3 Training Solutions's WISE Systems can also be used to provide the ability to expand the use the capabilities of the Safe Cargo and provide the tools that institutions and companies require to maximise the effectiveness of the training provided using the simulator in the classroom and remote environments.  By using the WISE Monitoring and Feedback System with the SafeCargo simulator the workstations can be used by students ‘out of hours’ enhancing the productivity of the simulator by maximising its potential use for students and potential instructors.

WISE Cargo enables students to undertake their own learning, at their own pace, when an instructor isn’t available.

WISE Cargo incorporates the same realistic simulation software as the multi-station system, but by incorporating the WISE Intelligent Systems Technology the simulator is able to be used safely and productively by a student. WISE Cargo uses a highly advanced form of artificial intelligence to monitor the students and the operations they’re learning. The simulator provides feedback to the student based on the developing scenario; the feedback is similar to that provided by a human instructor. The monitoring and feedback concentrate particularly on:

  • Training
  • Safety
  • Operational efficiency

An extensive online information library is linked to the software. WISE Cargo and the linked library together allow a student to learn how to use liquid cargo-handling systems safely and efficiently without the need for external input.


Training Modules

WISE Cargo has basic training courses for particular vessel types. The courses present the various operations and guide the students from basic to advanced levels of learning. WISE Cargo also makes sure that the students have the required prerequisite knowledge to make the training useful. WISE Cargo can also track and log students’ progress through the course to create full training records. WISE Cargo is currently available with these ship models:

  • double-hull crude oil / products tanker
  • LNG carrier with membrane (GTTIII or NO96) or spherical containment
  • fully refrigerated LPG carrier
  • products tanker

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