Customer Testimonials

Sauk County has found a way to better prepare its employees for these situations by allowing them to drive on icy roads, plow snow in blizzard-like conditions and participate in police pursuits, and never leave the training room!–Carl Gruber, Safety/Risk Manager, Sauk County

Thanks to the products and services of L-3 TRAININGD. P. Associates, we are able to deploy full motion simulation to further enhance the skills of our professional drivers. By placing our drivers in a challenging, yet risk free environment, we have seen significant improvements throughout our fleet. With positive gains in all areas, from fuel economy to accident reduction, our advanced skills development program has raised the level of professionalism within our fleet and has set a new standard within our industry.–Robert Penner, Vice President Operations, Bison Transport

First and foremost the benefits of simulation based training is that it improves the overall quality of training for drivers. And secondly it allows us to train effectively and safely in a shorter period of time.–Don Osterberg, Vice President of Safety, Schneider National

It's very realistic...It's virtually the same thing. They get engrossed in the training and it's virtually their own truck.–Dean Newell, Vice President of Safety, Maverick Transportation

Simulation has helped us from a profitability stand point. We've been able to compress the training to half the time for our new drivers and use a simulator in place of a live class which allows us to train more efficiently.–Mark Sion, Regional Safety Manager, Swift Transportation

The PatrolSim is a valuable tool in training law enforcement officers in emergency vehicle operation! We use it all the time and just don’t know how we got along with out it and would be lost if we were to loose it.–Wayne Boyer, Sergeant and Past President of Bridgerland Training Association