Interactive Courseware

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Web Based Training (WBT)

L3 Training Solutions is a leader in Web Based Training (WBT) and Distributed Learning (DL) development for the NAVY, USMC, Government and Commercial vendors. L3 Training Solutions has produced multiple systems of WBT for military, educational and government environments. Interactive courseware has been deployed worldwide 24/7 establishing the most flexible training programs possible. Students are able to utilize training courseware from any global position with web access. WBT has been delivered via PC, laptop and PDA. Courseware incorporates a variety of multimedia products, including 3-D, video, animations and simulations. Training programs are flexible in design to accommodate specific objectives for each student. Full LMS can be integrated with the WBT products, establishing a turn-key training solution. Web delivery allows for the real-time upgrades, revision and maintenance deployed universally.

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Computer Based Training (CBT)

L3 Training Solutions is a leader in Computer Based Training (CBT) development for the NAVY and USMC rotary and fixed-wing aircraft systems. L3 Training Solutions has produced over 3,000 hours of CBT for operators and maintainers of over 15 different major aircraft systems. L3 Training Solutions was among the first to receive SCORM certification and we continue to lead the industry in the production of SCORM 2004 conformant courseware. L3 Training Solutions’s courseware has ranged in complexity from Level 1 to Level 4 interactivity and incorporates simulations, desktop simulation devices and intelligent tutors, maximizing value with 3-D imaging and animations. Additional government programs have been developed for Departments of Justice and Labor. Commercial efforts include a variety of interactive, self-paced programs supporting financial, pharmaceutical and travel industries. CBT provides the training environment with a cost-effective solution to meet significant training requirements. Self-paced courseware prepares the learner through flexible interactive training available 24/7. Testing, remediation and full LMS capabilities can be built into the system for a comprehensive turn-key solution.

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C3 | Compose, Compile, Collaborate

L3 Training Solutions offers a comprehensive enterprise-level courseware development system called C3 (Compose, Compile and Collaborate). C3 offers a major improvement over the existing development tools of SCORM-conformant Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI). C3 enables online collaboration for all members of a development team. The three keys to C3’s effectiveness:

  • Front End Analysis (FEA) database is fully integrated with the development and production tools.
  • The enterprise Web Portal enables the customer, contractor and support personnel to easily access project information, conduct product reviews and make comments on deliverables.
  • Web-enabled development tools preserve efficient data input/output with centralize resource management, benefiting development of efficiency and configuration control.

C3 tools are employed during the entire courseware development effort lifecycle to ensure that unique program requirements are met and objectives are achieved.