Solutions Overview

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How It Works | Click here to see how L3 Training Solutions training solutions integrate to provide a Total Training Solution environment.

We understand that it takes an integrated approach to improve and advance human performance. Whether your organization faces challenges in:

  1. Improving employee performance, productivity and safety
  2. Lowering operating costs
  3. Meeting mandated state and federal training requirements
  4. Educating new employees
  5. Training existing staff and personnel
  6. Gathering and analyzing workforce improvement
  7. Improving your workforce efficiency with highly-trained staff

Our team is ready to analyze and assess your needs and deliver a comprehensive training solution geared specifically to your organization.

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We help solve your challenges by providing:

The Bottom Line

L3 Training Solutions builds custom configurations of it products and services to ensure that your team gains the practical knowledge they need to perform their jobs. Our training has been tested and proven by the military, public safety and first responders, relief workers, transportation fleet owners, maritime crews and others in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Our proven approach to training looks at the human performance objectives for each job and then designs and integrates adult learning techniques, generational learning characteristics and technology-based tools into a system that delivers work performance improvement. This comprehensive training solution addresses both skill development from basic to complex and the full spectrum of learning environments from one-on-one instruction to high fidelity simulation.


Solutions for Military & Government 

L3 Training Solutions is a national influence in the military contracting field through advanced training development processes employed by experienced instructional systems developers, programmers, graphic artists, and leading-edge multimedia production staff. L3 Training Solutions personnel have been instrumental to the government's emphasis on Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI), SCORM compliant Web Based Training (WBT), complex Computer Based Training (CBT), Electronic Classrooms, Performance Support Systems, and Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) technologies.

Solutions for Business & Enterprise

L3 Training Solutions provides workforce training and education for commercial businesses, private industry, training centers, law enforcement organizations, emergency service responders, the port and maritime industry and commercial aviation industry.  Our solutions range from employee training and career development to driver training for police officers, fire truck operators, commercial pilots, and truck drivers. If your organization needs it, we also help to plan and establish training centers and electronic classrooms to meet your education and capacity building demands.